SSD web hosting made in Germany


For small websites and businesses
5,- €
10 GB
Storage space
.de domain included
10 GB
Email memory
MySQL databases


Growing companies and SMEs
10,- €
50 GB
Storage space
.de domains included
50 GB
Email memory
MySQL databases


Websites with high data requirements
20,- €
100 GB
Storage space
.de domains included
100 GB
Email memory
MySQL databases


Agencies and large companies
30,- €
500 GB
Storage space
.de domains included
500 GB
Email memory
MySQL databases

Full feature list

All features listed below are available for all packages.

  • Free .de domains

    Benefit from your free .de domains in your package. Other domains are also possible and get a discount in the value of the .de domain.

  • Subdomains

    The amount of usable subdomains, that are e.g. is unlimited with us.

  • DNS management

    Every domain receives a free DNS management from us via your web hosting.

  • Plesk

    The Plesk panel is available for website administration.

  • 100% SSD Memory

    All websites are run exclusively under 100 % SSD storage.

  • SSL encryption

    Our web spaces all support http(s) or encrypted communication.

  • Let's Encrypt

    Via our web administration you can independently provide yourself with a free Let's Encrypt certificate.

  • Backup function

    You can independently set up a data backup and system backup to an external FTP server.

  • Traffic

    All traffic is on a fair-use basis. Realistically, we assume no more than 5 TB per month of data usage.

  • Daily data backup

    Your domain and all content is backed up daily to an off-site location.

  • IDN Domains

    Domains with umlauts are supported by our web hosting without any problems.

  • WAF Firewall

    For all websites, the web application Firewall option is available.

  • Webmailer

    You can choose between Horde or Roundcube as webmail client. Webmails are available at

  • E-mail boxes

    You can create as many mailboxes until the disk space of your web hosting is used up.

  • Mail client setup

    You use Outlook and/or Thunderbird. We are happy to help you with the setup on your computer(s).

  • Spam and virus filter

    Using SpamAssasin and ClamAV, incoming emails are scanned and safely quarantined before they can do any damage.

  • Allocated memory

    Email mailboxes get the same limit as your contract. You can set a limit per mailbox.

  • Mail archiving

    Book additionally the option mail archiving and we provide a GoBD compliant archiving of your mails.

  • E-mail forwarding

    Redirect each mailbox to either a different or external email address.

  • SSL/TLS encryption

    The retrieval and sending of e-mails from and to our server is encrypted so that attackers have no chance.

  • Mail Transfer

    You already use a mail software. We take over the complete migration of all mailboxes for you and send you the access data.

  • Email autoresponder

    Set up an automatic reply mail for new messages. This can also be used as a vacation or out of office message.

  • Alias Email Hosting

    Operate multiple variations like and we synchronize all mailboxes.

  • Emergency support

    Your emails are not working and everything is at a standstill? Call our emergency support hotline and we will help you at any time of the day.

  • PHP 8.x

    For our server systems we provide the latest PHP versions. The oldest supported version is currently 7.1.

  • Ruby Support

    Deploy your Ruby applications through our web hosting. Directly via the Ruby Manager.

  • Nginx/Apache/Phusion

    We provide a wide range of web servers. You can choose Apache and Nginx as well as Phusion by default.

  • FTP

    Do your file transfer conveniently via FTP. No limitations, unlimited accounts.

  • NodeJS Support

    You create or maintain NodeJS applications, our server can cover the wide range of NodeJS deployments. Our developers are happy to help.

  • Webalizer statistics

    Access Webalizer statistics from your dashboard. You can identify the most important pages and other metrics.

  • Daily backups

    Our server systems are backed up daily, with incremental backups and a full backup once a week.

  • Backup restraint

    Backups are retained for at least 30 days. On request, we can offer you a different backup concept, which is tailored to you.

  • Prorata invoice

    No credit system or complicated billing methods. You can choose to receive a monthly invoice on the 1st of the following month or an annual invoice.

Our panel

For web hosting administration we use Plesk. This interface allows you to manage all your web hosting packages in one place and set features like SSH/FTP credentials, email addresses, PHP settings and much more.

Of course 100 % white label, with your logo on request.

Any questions? Please contact us!

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