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Becker Software: Your reliablehe lexoffice technology partner

As a lexoffice technology partner, we, Becker Software, stand for quality, trust and professionalism. Our dedicated collaboration with lexoffice enables us to deliver the best possible integration of WHMCS and lexoffice. Benefit from our expertise and in-depth understanding of lexoffice technology. 

WHMCS lexoffice module

Our WHMCS lexoffice module revolutionizes your accounting. It seamlessly integrates with your WHMCS system to provide easy and efficient invoice management. This module is the perfect complement to your lexoffice accounting software and allows you to synchronize invoices effortlessly between the two systems

From legacy data import to bi-directional invoice synchronization and the use of your own lexoffice invoice templates, the WHMCS lexoffice module offers a wealth of features aimed at simplifying and automating your accounting process.

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  • Seamless integration

    Automated synchronization of invoices between WHMCS and Lexoffice for seamless accounting.

  • Complete history

    Easy import of older invoices between lexoffice and WHMCS for complete data integrity.

  • Language diversity

    Create beautiful invoices in English and German based on WHMCS customer settings.

  • Payment methods

    Invoices from lexoffice can be paid using WHMCS payment methods.

German and English

Our addon allows you to issue invoices in English and German. The addon automatically recognizes the language stored in the WHMCS customer account.

You can translate the following fields:


A button is integrated in WHMCS that takes you directly to the imported Lexoffice invoice - all with just one click. If the invoice has not been imported yet, the button shows "Import invoice" so you can start this process with ease.


Module Overview
Single import
Mass import
Linkage Manager
Mass import search results


Our lexoffice module extensions for single purchase.
Can only be used in conjunction with a valid lexoffice WHMCS module license!

Contact synchronization

Our seamless contact synchronization ensures updated data in real time. As soon as you create or edit a contact in Lexoffice or WHMCS, the change is automatically reflected in the other system. No more duplicate work or data loss.

250,- €

Incl. VAT

Payment Wizard

With the payment wizard, transaction numbers are transferred from WHMCS to Lexoffice. No matter if Stripe CSV imports or other sources, the automatic voucher assignment in Lexoffice is supported by this extension, this provides a significant time saving for the assignment in lexoffice.

95,- €

Incl. VAT

Transaction export

Transaction export made easy: Generate CSV exports from Stripe with transaction, charge, and payout data. Keep track of your finances and streamline your accounting processes with ease. Save yourself the hassle of posting.

140,- €

Incl. VAT

Frequently asked questions

How do I install the module?

After purchase you will receive the documentation for installing the WHMCS module, it is installed as an add-on like any other module and can be activated or deactivated at any time.

Can I also import old invoice data?

The module allows you to synchronize not only current invoices between Lexoffice and WHMCS, but also older invoices. This can be especially helpful if you already have a larger inventory of documents in one system and want to migrate them to the other. To do this, you can simply specify a start and end date that corresponds to the invoice date and limit the import to a specific time period. The document import is then performed in real time and already imported documents are matched to ensure that there are no duplicate imported documents.

Can I have old invoices delivered through WHMCS and new ones delivered through Lexoffice?

The 'Invoice synchronization from' setting determines from which date (inclusive) no more invoices should be imported. All invoices before the specified date will be delivered using the WHMCS invoice template.

For example, if you only want invoices to be created from 12/26/2022, enter 26-12-2022 in this field and save your settings. All invoices until 25.12.2022 will then still be delivered via WHMCS and not imported.

System requirements

PHP version

PHP 7.4 or higher
WHMCS version8.6 or higher
WHMCS CreditDisabled