German accounting in WHMCS? Is that possible?

As a comprehensive tool for web hosters, WHMCS offers functions for order processing, invoicing, administration and customer support. However, companies in Germany faced challenges because WHMCS did not support compliant invoice templates and the specific requirements of German accounting. But with the lexoffice module for WHMCS, German companies can now effortlessly integrate German accounting into their WHMCS store system. Learn how to create compliant invoice templates, display tax numbers and manage your accounting in a GoBD-compliant way.

Challenges with WHMCS in Germany

The lack of compliant invoice templates in WHMCS led to customization problems. In particular, the display of tax numbers required technical changes to comply with German requirements. In addition, the subsequent processing of invoices, such as adding reminder fees, was not in line with the GoBD guidelines for proper accounting.

The solution: The lexoffice module for WHMCS

The lexoffice module for WHMCS offers the ideal solution to overcome these challenges. It replaces the standard WHMCS invoices with compliant lexoffice invoices. For every order in WHMCS, the module automatically creates an invoice in lexoffice and makes it available to the customer via WHMCS. In doing so, companies benefit from the advanced features and flexibility of lexoffice invoice templates.

Advantages of the integration of lexoffice in WHMCS

The integration of lexoffice in WHMCS enables companies to perform German accounting smoothly. lexoffice offers compliant invoice templates that meet the requirements of German accounting. The correct display of tax numbers is ensured without technical adjustments. In addition, accounting in lexoffice complies with GoBD guidelines, as no subsequent changes are made to invoices that have already been sent.

Additional strengths of lexoffice

In addition to the compliant invoice templates, lexoffice offers a variety of other advantages. It allows you to save a great deal of time on administrative tasks such as monthly invoices and payroll. In addition, it supports lexoffice mobile working via app, smartphone, tablet or notebook. The intuitive operation does not require extensive accounting knowledge. lexoffice also offers a comprehensive program for taxes, invoices, online banking and accounting in one system. As GoBD-tested and recognized solution, lexoffice ensures legally compliant work in accordance with the data protection standards of the DSGVO. With decades of experience as a market leader in the field of commercial software solutions, Lexware provides a solid basis for the further development of lexoffice.

Conclusion: Optimize your accounting in WHMCS with lexoffice

The lexoffice module for WHMCS enables German companies to seamlessly integrate accounting into their WHMCS store system and meet the specific requirements of German accounting. Benefit from compliant invoice templates, correct display of tax numbers and GoBD-compliant accounting. Simplify your accounting processes and save time thanks to the integration of lexoffice in WHMCS.

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